HCSOKIT is a technology company providing cybersecurity, cloud solutions, and complementary IT capabilities to Oklahomans.

Founding date

February 3, 2017


BBB Accredited Business 8/31/2017
Highly Recommended Business on Alignable 4/17/2018


IT Consulting, Political Consulting, Small Business Solutions, Web Design and Development, Mobile App development.

Network Design and Engineering

Network design involves evaluating, understanding and scoping the network to be implemented. The whole network design is usually represented as a network diagram that serves as the blueprint for implementing the network physically. Typically, network design includes the following:Logical map of the network to be designed Cabling structure Quantity, type and location of network devices (router, switches, servers) IP addressing structure Network security architecture and overall network security processes

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Information Technology Consulting

We offer consulting to anyone with questions regarding IT solutions for home or business. Web Design, Networks, Mobile Application, Software, etc

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Mobile Application Development

We offer a full spectrum of mobile app development to include Apple iOS (phone, tablet, watch, TV), Android, and Windows.

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Web Design and Developmen

Clients need a website that fits their business model and that is what we offer. Our process is to plan, design, develop, and finally deliver the finished product with no issues

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